When Carl Benker and his wife, Elizabeth Wegner, designed their first home, the couple never intended to win contests or awards...

Pre-deployed weapons of mass destruction. That' what nuclear power plants are...

Seven top Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) experts have taken the brave rare step of publicly filing an independent finding warning that nearly every U.S. atomic reactor has a generic safety flaw that could spark a disaster.

Oregon Governor Kate Brown has signed legislation enacting a new community solar program permitting utilities and third parties to own or operate a community-based renewable energy project...

A company in Asheville, North Carolina is taking prefabricated home design to a new level with their Renew Collection of affordable net-zero energy houses...

Tour The Most Energy Efficient House In North America!
Saturday May 21, 2016 (Rain or Shine) South Glastonbury, Connecticut
Tour/Shuttle 11:30 AM OR 2:00 PM
Tickets $15.00 per person
Is a natural gas expansion a good idea for Connecticut or anywhere?
Detailed map
Shows the path of the gas pipeline through Connecticut.
Remember Chornobyl, Three Mile Island and Japan
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